Season of Planting

I recently read this blog post at Finding Joy and a mini revelation hit me between the eyes like a Lego brick:

I am once again in a season of plantingContinue reading “Season of Planting”


When Renting =Frustrating

Always a renter, never a homeowner.

Well, someday that step will finally be ours, but until then, we continue our adventure of living in various cities, apartments, houses-and the numerous experiences they offer.

From a 200 square foot room that we called home in the early years of our marriage, to the current brick abode filled with echoes of little munchkins, we have learned to adapt and enhance each temporary space we have been given.  Continue reading “When Renting =Frustrating”

Weekend Sips

Looking for a good book to browse, idea to chew, or inspiration to marvel? Here are a few I’ve come across and would love to pass on to you guys!

So cozy up with a lovely cup of tea, iced coffee, or whatever weekend treat you prefer, and enjoy this beautiful day!  Continue reading “Weekend Sips”

I Was Terrified to Have a Daughter

I love to watch her play. Alone or with her brothers, it doesn’t matter-she amazes me. I call her “Goose”, for it reflects both the silliness that dances within her, as well as the subtle grace that I know will one day take flight.

Yet there was once a time when I was terrified that she was to enter my life. A daughterContinue reading “I Was Terrified to Have a Daughter”

Returning to Meal Prep-Week 1 Part 2

Quick and easy spinach and ham pizzas are a lunchtime staple for me. (THM-S)

 Here we go! This post may be a little long since it includes more explanation and background than others would, but bear with me! I’ll get to the yummy details quickly!

To help keep this post in the proper perspective, here are a few details about our family/needs/limits/etc:  Continue reading “Returning to Meal Prep-Week 1 Part 2”