I remember well that maiden trail

The swish of silk and organ’s wail

Echoes of ancient vows to bind

A past and name to remain behind

One man to marry, I had thought Continue reading “Nine”


A Tale of Birth #1

The story of my daughter’s birth….

It seems only appropriate, considering this little girl of ours turns six soon (WHAT IS HAPPENING?!?!?!?!!), that hers should be the last on the list to be shared.

Thank you for joining me on this reminiscent journey! A month of birth stories! You may not have, but I definitely blubbered into my cups of tea reading them all again….

To read her brothers’ birth stories, click here, here, or here.


September 2012

I was nearly three weeks past my due date and was anxious. Due to how late the baby was, we had to get ultrasounds every 3-4 days to check fluid levels and her heartbeat. Everything was fine so we continued to delay inducing. Continue reading “A Tale of Birth #1”


One providential handshake……that led to marriage

Two attempts at horseback riding

Three hospital stays

Four siblings

Five children, whose four tiny faces light up my days (and one I shall see in Glory)

Six bowls of cereal at our table Continue reading “33”

A Tale of Birth #2

Birth stories have never ceased to inspire, amaze, and move me. Do they do that to you too?

I’m continuing my theme of birth stories this month (click here for baby #3’s or baby #4’s), and I hope you have been enjoying it so far! For me, a walk down memory lane often does a world of good (especially if said child is driving me nuts today….”But look how cute and tiny you were!!”)


January 2014

I was now 42 weeks and 3 days pregnant, anxious and exhausted. Continue reading “A Tale of Birth #2”

A Tale of Birth #3

I love birth stories. They are filled with such power and wonder, tenderness and strength.

So during the month of August, I will be sharing the birth stories of my other children (here is baby number 4’s ). Be forewarned, they are not necessarily in order (just to keep it interesting….and slightly confusing…)

June 2015

I was 41 weeks and 4 days pregnant.

Continue reading “A Tale of Birth #3”

My Tiny House Adventure

I swear she was my friend.

I mean, she wouldn’t lead me to some unknown neighborhood with vague claims of a hotel just for a laugh, right? Perhaps twenty years of friendship with me had driven her off the deep end…..

Because clearly there was no hotel here. Did she think there was one tucked in among the slightly sketchy 1970s houses? Oh, an Airbnb, she clarifies. Now I know we’ll be staying in someone’s basement where body parts are hidden in a corner freezer….

Continue reading “My Tiny House Adventure”

Act 1, Scene 2

The change is subtle, yet always shocking.

One moment, he’s a baby, crawling and squawking for milk. A perfect picture of dependence. It was only a few days ago that I gave birth to him, right?

Then one unexpected day, a step is taken. A precarious, hesitant, definitive step. And from that moment on, the little back seems straighter, stout legs grow firmer. The curtain falls on the infant, and rises to reveal the little boy in the next scene. Continue reading “Act 1, Scene 2”