Hey there! I’m so glad you stopped by!

I’m Natashya-a thirty-four year old, waltz loving, tea sipping guzzling, forgiven sinner who somehow is allowed to be the wife to an incredible man, and mama to four tiny souls in this life and one who already slipped away to the next.

Wasn’t I fifteen just yesterday?!?

And how do I get this stain out of my shirt?….again….


I nurse a weird obsession with the concept of minimalism/simple living, and dream of one day living in my own tiny house. (just ask my husband…he knows…)

In the meantime, my life and imagination are filled with stories–painful, beautiful, difficult, messy, glorious, frustrating stories.

And I would love to share some of those stories with you. Real, and often stumbled upon (or yelled out by my two year old….), I believe they paint a beautifully imperfect picture of motherhood with a bunch of littles. And perhaps they will remind you of the beauty in yours.

Welcome to the Simple Hearth, where this foolish mama is striving to remove the unneeded excess, to better reveal the glory of God in the stories of my messy life.