Hey there! I’m so glad you stopped by!

I’m Natashya-a thirty-one year old, waltz loving, tea sipping guzzling, forgiven sinner who somehow is allowed to be the wife to an incredible man, and mama to five tiny souls (wasn’t I fifteen just yesterday?!?)12814007_10153943782310987_3915215963828059538_n

I’m obsessed with the concept of minimalism/simple living, and dream of one day living in my own tiny house.

There are many other authors, bloggers, and speakers who have shared their vast knowledge on the subject of simplicity. I do not claim to be anywhere near their league….

….But, I know I am not the only young mama of many littles who is attempting to cultivate a beautiful, simple, loving home for her family, and discovering clearer steps along the way.

So, I am happy to offer the one (okay, maybe two) things I know so far, as well as eager to share the helpful discoveries I stumble across (or are sent to me…..or yelled by my three year old….).

Welcome to the Simple Hearth, where this foolish mama is striving to remove the unneeded excess of life, to better reveal the glory of God and a richer existence to her family.