Stress Free Kid Meals for Moms Who Hate to Cook

I have a confession.

I don’t like to cook. (gasp! oh the horror!)

I know, I know. I should. Cooking is supposed to be creative, healthy, and soothing to the spirit. Somehow, all that skipped me.

Believe me, I’ve tried. For years, I have tried to enjoy cooking, but most of the time, it’s just….stressful. 

And as a mama of four little ones, I really don’t need the extra stress right now. But obviously, I have to feed them. Regularly and preferably something healthy.

So one week, I got fed up with trying to cook another meal for them that they would fight me on and leave me stressed and frustrated. Instead, I chose another path. It may be obvious and simple to you, but for me, it brought a great deal of freedom.

I now have two go-to meals, with several variations, that I turn to throughout the week. I have used them for lunches or dinners–really whenever I needed them most. My kids all love them, and, best of all, they allow me stress free meal prep. Ahhhhh. So nice. 



Meal #1: Yogurt Bowls

Did you know that you can easily make these into a satisfying meal? Mix some Greek yogurt with honey or applesauce, then top with almost anything – bananas, strawberries, granola, chopped nuts, chia seeds, blueberries, shredded coconut, etc… 

They options are endless and I have yet to receive a complaint (mama: 1, Kids: ….well, I guess 1 too…)





Meal #2: Easy Charcuterie or “Dinner Platters” for Kids

Charcuterie sounds so fancy and delightful, doesn’t it? But in our house, we call these “dinner platters” and my kids LOVE them. Funny thing is, if I put all of these items individually on plates, they would fight me, but arrange them like a rainbow and let them serve themselves, and they’ll eat ALL THE VEGGIES. It’s some kind of strange voodoo miracle.

Take veggies, crackers, cheese, pretzels, nuts, fruit, sausages, pickles, boiled eggs, etc… circle them around a little cup of dip, and voila! Dinner is served. 

Each one can be different, depending on what you have in the pantry. I actually enjoy pulling these together for them (I want one for myself!)







Maybe one day I’ll fall in love with cooking. I hope so. I’ll keep trying, but until then, I’m keeping these go-to stress free meals in rotation.

I see you spaghetti! Leave me alone!


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