Eucharisteo: The Art of Thankfulness #351-375

Eucharisteo: to be grateful, to feel thankful, to give thanks

I don’t know about you, but most days, I don’t feel all that thankful. Sometimes I simply don’t want to feel thankful.

So I write them down.

And count them one by one.

351. learning new things about mercy

352. cozy blankets

353. our youngest’s frequent use of “delicious!”

354. watching counting “click” with out kindergartner

355. the flexibility and ease of homeschooling

356. new ballroom classes

357. new choreography that both excites and terrifies me

358. chocolate truffles

359. a made up dish that turned out well

360. my parents surprising us for Christmas

361. hard discussions about forgiveness

362. cornflower blue January sky

363. tissues

364. Nyquil…..and Dayquil

365. late night texts from my sister

366. a rekindled love for reading

367. new Call the Midwife episodes

368. thoughtfully shaping new habits

369. semi daily walks around the neighborhood

370. plans for a six year old’s birthday

371. Rescuers Down Under…..especially this scene

372. soft towels just out of the dryer

373. brushing my daughter’s hair

374. date nights

375. a fresh new year full of possibilities


What are you thankful for today?

This idea of an Eucharisteo list came from the book One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp. Click here to read an excerpt from her book and learn more about the art of thankfulness.

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