One providential handshake……that led to marriage

Two attempts at horseback riding

Three hospital stays

Four siblings

Five children, whose four tiny faces light up my days (and one I shall see in Glory)

Six bowls of cereal at our table

Seven pairs of shoes (currently)

Eight giant rocks moved to form our fire pit

Nine times per year I hear “So, where’s Boris?”

Ten pounds of bananas consumed per week by the kids

Eleven years worked as an insurance agent

Twelve hours of labor on average per kid

Thirteen deer spotted in our backyard since we moved in

Fourteen years I shared a room with my sister

Fifteen years of ballroom dancing

Sixteen new color pencils every few months (coloring!!!!!!!)

Seventeen throw pillows (anyone else find these to be the most frustrating decorative items!?!?!?)

Eighteen baby giggles each day

Nineteen scoops of oatmeal per week

Twenty months in a 200 square foot apartment (with a six foot tall husband…)

Twenty-one winters of surviving the “hockey smell”…… you Northerners know what I’m talking about…

Twenty-two times I’ve sung “Bye Bye Lil Sebastian”…….. today…

Twenty-three years of friendship with my own Ann Perkins (you beautiful Polish mermaid!)

Twenty-four reruns of the entire Lord of the Rings series (just this year)

Twenty-five years I’ve avoided watching Jurassic Park…….until now!

Twenty-six steps from my kitchen to the woods

Twenty-seven years without children (and how much richer life is with them!)

Twenty-eight viewings of Frozen…..probably more……honestly it’s all a blur now

Twenty-nine crocodile tears my youngest sheds (smooth move Baby…smooth move)

Thirty key lime pies I wish I had in my fridge (that’s right, one for each day! Glorious pie!!!!)

Thirty-one gallons of tea consumed per year (and that one is just me….)

Thirty-two renditions of the doxology per month


Thirty-three years.

Of painful growth and indescribable joys. Of witnessing the hand of God in every year, every sorrow, and every relief. Of being drawn back to the Gospel again and again.



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