Moving Time=Cleaning Time!

We moved into our first grown up bought house this past week!!! It was all very exciting….and exhausting…and not without a few hiccups….but we managed to get it done in one day!

With the move complete, that means I need to return to our little rental house to deep clean it before turning in the keys.

Clean all the things!

I don’t mind the task. Without any furniture or kids in the house, it’s a fairly simple task, just time consuming. A few hours to myself with full control of the music selection? Yes, please!

Simple though it is, I do like to have a list on hand. That way I know I haven’t missed anything, and the house will be ready to turn over the lease manager.

I made two versions of my list: one by room, and the other by task. Some days I work one way, the next day the other.

Get Outta That Rental_By Room

Get Outta That Rental_Total


Hope these lists help you get out of your rental as smoothly as ours!


get outta

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