10 Minimalist Gifts for Families

Christmas is coming people!! Can you believe that it’s December already? Because I can’t…. (cue the fast chugging of chai tea)

I don’t know about you, but each year I find myself more and more drawn to minimalistic ideas for gifts.

Gifts that don’t leave so much clutter behind. Gifts that are meant to be used, instead of stored after one month.

But what does that look like?

I’m glad you asked, because I’ve been putting together a few themed lists that hopefully will help you out! (so stay tuned for more!)

First up: Minimalist Gift Ideas for Families

Here are ten of my favorites:

1. Movie night in a box.

My sister in law gave us one of these this year, and we LOVED it!!!! She packed a wrapped box with popcorn, candy for the kids, hot chocolate mix, mini marshmallows, chocolate for me (cause she knows mamas need their own), and even a gift card to buy a movie! No duplicate movies to deal with!!!

This is so easy to personalize for any family, and can be kept simple or go crazy with it (giant marshmallows….)

Price range: $25 – $50 (depending on how much or how little you want to do)

The wonderful contents of our Movie Night box! Yummy togetherness.

2. Family membership to a local attraction for a year.

This one is fun, because there is so much to choose from! Museums, water parks, theme parks, stating rinks, historical sites and tours, zoos, aquariums, etc… Most cities have a whole slew of fantastic places to visit as a family, and giving them easy access to one of them is a great gift, along with freedom to choose when they want to go. Less pressure, more fun!

Price range: Anywhere from $50 – $300 a year, depending on the place


3. Teach a skill to their kids.

Are you great at baking bread, sewing, grilling, painting, or even changing a tire on a car? Then offer to host their kids one afternoon and teach it to them!

First, it makes for a fun day experiencing something new for the kids. Second, it can teach them a new skill to carry with them into adulthood. And third, you are gifting the parents an afternoon off together without the cost of babysitter (and so earn their never ending gratitude).

Price range: Free! except for your time, and possible supplies


4. Holiday cookie decorating in a box.

Also from my sister in law (cause she’s a genius!). Pack that box with sprinkles, a few cookie cutters, cookie dough mix, frosting, and any other fun cookie toppings. Fun for kids of all ages, and only yummy things left over.

Price range: $10 – $30

Another delicious box!!

5. Board game rental service.

If you have some fantastic board games, start a library for a family to borrow and return. All you need is a makeshift library card for each kid, and a corresponding log book, and you’re set! A great way to learn and play new games, without the added storage problem (and it gets a few out of your house for a while!)

Price range: Free! Just time and paper 


6. CSA delivery for a year.

Local produce for the whole season? Yes, please!! Many regions have several farms to choose from, with a range in cost, box sizes, and delivery times. Some even include baked goods, eggs, and meat!

This is a great option for families who love cooking,  don’t have a backyard garden, or simply have a difficult time getting to a farmer’s market during the summer (see the mom with four kids under five…).

Price range: varies from farm to farm, but definitely worth looking into!


6. AudioBooks subscription for a determined time.

Especially great if you know said family is going on a road trip soon! So many books to choose from, and easy to use. I’ve done this before for my husband and he loved it for his long commutes. You can choose among 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, or even 12 months subscription. *

Price range: $15 – $150 


7. Sponsor a class for whole family.

Cooking classes, dance classes, climbing, swimming, golf, painting, pottery, martial arts, music classes…..the list is relatively endless! Check for your local options, and keep your eyes open for something truly unique (and by unique, I mean something the parents can embarrass their kids with for the rest of their lives… muahaha!!)

Price range: varies depending on the activity and region


8. Prep a picnic.

Now, I understand that it is December, but if you live in the South like a bunch of us, it’s quite balmy outside right now. So a picnic in a fabulous park could work! You can either prep the food, paper plates, blankets, and games, and drop them all off with a map/address of a wonderful park…..OR you take all the above with you and meet them there. You handle all the prep, set up, and clean up, so their whole family can simply enjoy the time outside with surprise treats.

Price range: $25 – $50


9. Travel upgrades.

If you know they’re traveling in the upcoming year, gift them something they can enjoy there (wine tasting, dinner, hotel upgrade, special tour, etc…) Many of these can be booked ahead of time and make their experience even more special.

Price range: varies depending on the activity and region


10. Gift cards.

I know, I know. Gift cards are considered impersonal and lacking in creativity (hey, I love em!) So make them personal! Add them to a theme basket (see above movie night box),  pair one with movie or concert tickets to cover the whole experience. You could even map out a fun treasure hunt using them! Don’t think boring. Think possibilities!

Price range: $10 – $100 depending on what you want to do


Hope these ideas help you in the upcoming weeks! What are some of your favorite minimalist gifts?


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2 thoughts on “10 Minimalist Gifts for Families”

  1. Great ideas! I am a person who loves gift cards as well! I think they can be more personal in fact, instead of guessing what to get someone, just get them something they will be able to buy for themselves! Much easier too!

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