15 Ideas for Letter Writing

So we’ve been talking about letters this month. They’re wonderful! You should write one! …..Now what?

Feeling stumped on exactly what to write? Here are few ideas to help get your letter writing juices going!

//Memories: describe how you met from your perspective, childhood memories, where you got engaged, your wedding day, first kiss, first job, when you first held your newborn baby…..the list is endless!

//Quotes: use one that struck you recently and your own thoughts about it

//Song Lyrics/Poetry: can easily connect to memories or provoke deeper thoughts

//Places: where you have traveled, where you dream of traveling, and why

//Write to someone who has inspired you and tell them why

//If you’re a parent or grandparent, consider writing a short series of letters to your children or grandchildren detailing a specific time in your past (military tour, early marriage, family history, starting a business, etc..) These are often the stories that are lost within a few generations

//Goals: list books you want to read, places to visit, recipes to try

//If you could plan an entire day however you liked, what would you do?

//Prayer: write one down for someone, and send it to them

//Dreams: share one that you remember (obviously)

//What is your favorite time of day, and why?

//What is your most frustrating task of the day?

//Do you prefer the city or the country, and why?

//What is one of the most important virtues you were taught as a child?

//Questions: Ask the recipient something you have always wanted to know. (why they moved to where they are, their favorite old movie, their dream job, etc…)


Hope these help you begin your letter writing journey! Please feel free share any ideas I may have missed!

22 thoughts on “15 Ideas for Letter Writing”

  1. Letter writing is definitely a lost art and something I still enjoy with the write people. I like the questions one, but as long as you know the person you’re writing to is going to answer!

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  2. Love these writing prompts! They are wonderful to get the soul energy of transferring thoughts to paper going. I love this inspiration to write as I, too, feel like this is a lost art. There is something palpable about putting pen to paper that ya just don’t get poking around on a screen, ya know?

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  3. When I was younger I used to wright a lot of letters to my friends and even family members . Now I don’t 😦 I really need to change that. It feels good to express your feelings about others and letting them know. I remember the joy it brought them. This will be definitely be in 2018 goals.

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    1. Definitely! I started a series of letters written to each of my children to give them when they’re older. They may not care about it while they are young, but I know it will matter to them as adults.


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