The Forgotten Gift: Letters

November is upon us, which means most people are thinking about gifts, both to give and receive. 

With countless options available to us, it’s easy to miss the simple, and yet sometimes, more significant gifts to give.

One of those is the handwritten letter.

Doesn’t seem like much, but ask anyone how they feel about finding a letter addressed to them nestled in their mailbox, and I guarantee you will hear squeals of delight and longing for more.

There is something particularly touching about a letter. 

The fact that someone took the time to write down their thoughts, dreams, memories, or even frustrations to share specifically with you instills not only pleasure in being privy to those emotions, but a sense of pride in being chosen as the recipient. To me, there are few gifts that match that.

Letters are not just emotional, but physical as well. You hold in your hand paper touched and folded by another with purpose and intention. The ink itself displays the personality of the author; the curves and lines reflecting one unique human being.

You can pour your soul into a letter, or fill it with trivial jokes to make another smile. You can relive memories, review books, quote poetry…..even battle demons with a few strokes of the pen. Then tuck it all into an envelope and send it off into the world, knowing that another will hear you.

Letters are traveling scraps of promise. And I for one think they have been neglected in the gift giving department.

So for the month of November, I would like to write a little series on the idea of letters as gifts, with ideas, challenges, and encouragement to consider them during the holiday season….or any season!

So stay tuned!

What do you think? Would you give a letter as a gift?

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