A Letter to C-Section Moms

Dear C-Section Moms,

You ladies are amazing.

Really. Truly. 

I’ve heard the strange comments you’ve received (“It must have been nice to not have to give birth” or “So, you couldn’t handle the pain?” or if you have a VBAC at some point “So great you were finally able to experience birthing”), as if what you did experience was merely some zen form of osmosis.

I’ve seen the look of some of your faces when asked about your child’s birth-guilt, shame, sometimes verbally dismissing the whole experience as unimportant, since it doesn’t measure up to a vaginal birth. You sound apologetic, as if you did something wrong-something less than worthy.

And it breaks my heart.

Because you’re amazing!

You’re body is amazing! You GAVE BIRTH TO A HUMAN BEING!!

You willingly went through major surgery to make sure your child was ok. Then endured weeks of painful recovery while caring for that new tiny life. Your body will forever bear the scars of that sacrifice-that incredible love you have for your child.

You are not a cop out. You are not a failure. You did not “give up” and settle for an easier option.

You fought. You sacrificed. You endured. YOU GAVE BIRTH.

You amaze me.

You are moms, just like the rest of us. Having a C-Section birth did not give you a false start or disqualify you from the “real” moms’ club (and if there is one, I still haven’t figured out how to get in…).

Be proud of what your body has done. Please tell us your birth stories! They’re incredible, and I for one love hearing them! There will be some that will discredit what you have endured, but ignore them, because the majority of us think you are amazing! We want to share the joy in your memories, because the joining of a child to a family-be it vaginal, C-section, through adoption, or fostering-is joyful!

You ladies are strong, beautiful, extraordinary mamas.

And I salute you.


A (so far) Vaginal Birthing Mom


5 thoughts on “A Letter to C-Section Moms”

  1. I had a high risk pregnancy which I didn’t even knew it was as I was only diagnosed with Graves slightly before we were confirmed pregnant. Got confused at the natural birth centre before finally getting myself both obstetrician and endocrinologist care. Baby was breeched and was diagnosed with IUGR when we decided to try turning her. We were adviced to go for an elective Csect as soon as possible because baby was no longer feeding properly in utero and not to be turned because may go into distress. I guess we just didn’t even have a chance at going natural at all because of the risks and I am grateful because I wouldn’t want to go through an unsuccessful labour to be off for emergency Csect.

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