Returning to Meal Prep-Week 1 Part 1



Ah, meal prep day.

You were such a good friend-challenging me to conquer a difficult area of our budget, teaching me how to balance variety with needs, keeping our family healthy and the mama sane….. 

Then we moved.

We discovered that a new little bun was cooking.

And the first trimester nausea and exhaustion hit me like a brick wall-solid and unforgiving.

I lost contact with you for a while- a few months to be exact; and our little family missed you sorely.

But you stopped by for tea earlier this week, so we could reminisce and strategize a simple, baby plan for me to handle, with hopes of it growing into something more influential for our lives.

Now I’m energized and ready to say “no” to delivery pizza as a semi-weekly option. Better things are ahead.

Here we go!

Stay tuned for more details on week one of meal prepping!


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