Hearth and Home

  1. the floor of a fireplace
  2. used as a symbol of one’s home

There are few things more satisfying than snuggling into deep cushions, sipping an enticingly hot cup of tea, surrounded by glorious stillness and calm-all the while gazing into the mesmerizing flames of a well stoked fire….. 

Oh, wait.

I don’t have a fireplace.

My husband has strictly forbidden me from “playing” with fire indoors (notice there was no mention of outdoor restriction….)

And glorious stillness has become a rare and treasured occurrence when three tiny humans invade most moments.


All the above may be true, yet I am still drawn to the idea of a fireplace hearth. Once upon a time, it was the hub of a house-a place of nourishment, warmth, and dreams. Its essence was the center, the very heart of every home.

This provoked a new thought. I may not possess the physical presence of a fireplace in our current rental abode, but what would I say holds our essence, our heart-what would be the hearth of our home?


Scripture: the very Word of God. Our marital conversations: words of encouragement and frustration, dreaming and longing, desperation and challenge. Parental guidance: never ending rebuking and training, loving and building one tiny verbal piece at a time. Singing, writing, music (merely words in another language),  crying out- it’s all there, warming, stretching, and nourishing us each evening.

That is our hearth- the stones, that if neglected or abused, would crack and crumble, leaving our home’s flame exposed in cold vulnerability. But tend them with care and wisdom, they will keep the blazing fire protected and strong.

The heart of our home.



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