Returning to Meal Prep-Week 1 Part 2

Quick and easy spinach and ham pizzas are a lunchtime staple for me. (THM-S)

 Here we go! This post may be a little long since it includes more explanation and background than others would, but bear with me! I’ll get to the yummy details quickly!

To help keep this post in the proper perspective, here are a few details about our family/needs/limits/etc:  Continue reading “Returning to Meal Prep-Week 1 Part 2”


Returning to Meal Prep-Week 1 Part 1



Ah, meal prep day.

You were such a good friend-challenging me to conquer a difficult area of our budget, teaching me how to balance variety with needs, keeping our family healthy and the mama sane…..  Continue reading “Returning to Meal Prep-Week 1 Part 1”

Hearth and Home

  1. the floor of a fireplace
  2. used as a symbol of one’s home

There are few things more satisfying than snuggling into deep cushions, sipping an enticingly hot cup of tea, surrounded by glorious stillness and calm-all the while gazing into the mesmerizing flames of a well stoked fire…..  Continue reading “Hearth and Home”